Learning at a young age from an extremely artistic father and a highly creative mother, Shannon knew that anything was possible; as long as you have the strength of your mind to dive into the depths of your imagination.  
Ok.........perhaps, Shannon was a daydreamer.  
Today though those dreams have become reality.
It was her curiosity of everything; from how to why to where and when.  Answers to these questions always being challenged, what if?  Shannon would vocalize, usually to be proven wrong or corrected. It was this thought process of her thinking (out of the box) and gaining knowledge that allowed for her to develop these analytical creative skills that she so possesses and prides herself on today. Her power of observation, alongside with her impeccable memory in this ever-evolving, high speed world is what has allowed for her understanding of how to strategically execute and deliver to an audience and target demographics while leaving an imprint.
The world is changing daily, as are we, our lives, our loves, our knowledge. 
Shannon's idea of an imprint is not just to convey things that are necessary and make the client happy but to create smiles.   A smile that may just come from the use of color, a smile that may come from that feeling of accomplishment, a smile that may come from knowing and believing.  
Shannon understands that even though a smile is free, for some it is costly.  Costly to their very own confidence- this is why she adores bringing that smile to another by utilizing her abilities to help them create their very own imprint to showcase their individual talent.
bring brilliance to the realm of your 'hidden creativity' in your very own life
—this is what she does; she helps bring it out of the shadows into a positive light to let it shine. 
Shannon is transparent with her thoughts, her life, her beliefs; she continues to be dedicated to her work while being genuine in her nature.
As she would say — keep on smiling.

Time to daydream - Thank you for visiting!

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